Our Mission

Each one-of-a-kind gift is meticulously handcrafted just for you. Our passion is creating handcrafted keepsake gifts that delight you and your loved ones!

  • Customized Candles

    Flameless candles are a safe and smart option for children, elders, and pets. The message embedded within the candle wax can be anything you want it to be, such as a Bible verse, a meaningful message, or nearly anything that can be presented in two dimensions. Its design simulates an old-fashioned flickering candle and is excellent for any environment. It is beautifully built with a rich cream-colored LED light carrying a warm burning
    light. There is no liquid wax, smoke, or dripping in the Sterno Inglow Candle.

    Customized Candles 
  • Pyrex Easy-Grab Etched

    A personalized Pyrex casserole
    dish is an excellent present for any occasion, and with Christmas approaching, what better time to offer a gift? With the recipient's name centered around the
    center of their last name's initial. The etching is on the underside of the Pyrex glass dish. You may alter the design to any picture or statement you choose. Three sizes of the personalized glass baking pan are offered. You'll have better control over the pan because of the easy-grab handles, making it simpler to pick up and move. They can always receive their container back with a personalized engraving.

    Pyrex Etched 
  • Mirror Etching

    One of the season's favorite crafted items at Handcrafted Keepsake Gifts is the "Magic of Christmas" mirror etching. When in the chaos of the Christmas season, it's easy to forget what we're celebrating. The real reason for the season gets lost in all the lists and shopping and entertaining. An excellent way to become centered again is to go back to the source of the true Christmas story, the Bible, where we can read about the prophecies of Christ's coming, the events leading up to His birth, and the celebration in heaven and on earth upon His arrival. "The magic of Christmas is not in the presents but His presence."  That etching is one of the many etchings we have done, and we can do one for you. What would be your favorite? Let us help you make it your reality.

    "The magic of Christmas"