1 Cor 13 Christian Candle
1 Cor 13 Christian Candle
1 Cor 13 Christian Candle

1 Cor 13 Christian Candle

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Christian Keepsake Gifts

Have you been looking for a beautiful flameless candle for a while now? And you don't want something that will get too hot or have a flame that could be dangerous around children, seniors, and pets. The Bible Verse 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 on this Flameless Candle is perfect for you! This 4 x 6-inch LED vanilla-scented candle requires two AA batteries (included). It will burn for 1000 hours with its built-in five-hour timer automatically turning the candle on and off simultaneously every day—a safe and intelligent alternative for children and pets. There are no worries about smoking wicks and dripping wax. The flameless candle glows and flickers with a perfect imitation of natural candlelight. With their wax coating and patented realistic-wick design, the Sterno brand candles perfectly simulate the looks of a standard pillar candle. In addition, we offer the high-quality Inglow flameless wax candle by Sterno Home with its glowing rich candlelight that comes without the worry of a fire hazard. So enjoy this real wax pillar candle's warm and brilliant elegance; this custom Bible verse would look great in any home decoration.

In 1 Corinthians Chapter 13, Paul tells of the importance of Love in a person's life. Paul said that when even one has many gifts, the gifts are somewhat less valuable in the absence of Love. You can have marvelous gifts to help people and bring joy to those who need them, but your works will be useless without Love. Share this flameless candle with the ones you love to show and remind them of Love's value. The candle is sure to move a real friend's heart. Share the gift of Love today!

Memory Candle features:

  • The message embedded within the candle wax
  • Beautifully designed with hearts and 1 Cor 13 verse
  • Rich cream-colored 4 x 6-inch LED candle
  • Warm glowing light flickers like a burning candle
  • Realistic wick design
  • Candle included a 5-hour timer
  • 1000 hours of burn time
  • Weather-resistant
  • Safe around children and pets
  • 2 "AA" alkaline batteries are included
  • Hand-crafted and made in the USA

      At Handcrafted Keepsake Gifts, LLC, our products are handcrafted and made one at a time. We always use high-quality products and materials.


      We offer and design all kinds of candles, including, but not limited to: glass jar, pillar wax, unique flameless wax LED, a personalized flameless memorial with a picture, Bible verse, or quotes on the candle, and candle silhouettes. These are just a few options available to you!

      We also have a complete supply of other items you may desire; just ask. For example, handcrafted Keepsake Gifts can design coffee cups, wine glasses, stainless steel tumblers, and etched Pyrex baking dishes. We can even match your artwork in most cases. At Handcrafted Keepsake Gifts, we specialize in creating beautiful and unique etchings on glass products and mirrors.

      The price varies based on the material and design. If you have an item you would like us to use for your project, let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you. For a custom design, contact us at info@handcraftedkeepsakegifts.com

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