20-ounce skinny Tumbler Order Steps

The special effects Action.

Step 1:

  • Select one of the eleven Handcrafted Keepsake Gifts concept-enhanced action art special effects thumbnails from the list.
    • You may choose from one of the eleven enhanced actions, ranging from fire to explosion.
    • The selected Action will be incorporated and generated to align with the geometric shape of the body of the uploaded photo to be submitted in step 3.
  • The final generated enhanced Action is not just a standard background that will be used as an overlay. Instead, it is a unique creation.

Personalized Message / Sentiment 

Step 2:

  • At the bottom center of this Tumbler, you have several lines that can be personalized with a sentiment, a quote, or a message.
    • Choose from a list of available Tumbler quotes categorized by the relationship.
      • (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, etc.) to the person in the picture.
    • Or create your personalized message by text using up to 30 characters.
      • You may select the font and color you prefer when choosing the text.

Upload / Photo

Step 3:

  • First, ensure the "Show Upload Your Action Photo" switch is on, as shown in Fig 1. as shown
  • The upload box will appear when the switch is set to the right.
    • Then select the "Choose image" button.
  • The files on your device will be displayed.
  • Navigate to the photo to be uploaded, select the image, and then press open.
  • Your photo will be displayed when returning to the handcrafted keepsake gifts website, as shown in Fig 2.
    • Your photo will be displayed with a black square overlay with a transparent circle cut out in the center.
      • You will see four small green squares, one in each corner, to be used in step 4 below.

Align / Photo

Step 4:

  • Align the image to fit inside the black circle by moving the corners in or out to encompass the portion of the picture.
  • Make sure that all the images to be enhanced with the actions be totally inside the clear circle area see Fig. 3
    • Note: if the player's photo is too large to fit in the transparent (open) portion, you must cancel, reduce your image, and re-upload. If you're having trouble with this process, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Press select to complete the upload. Your photo will be displayed on the Tumbler without the enhanced actions generated; the art team will process the enhanced Action later.

Final Step

Step 5:

  • Select one of the three options in Fig. 4 Preview, Add to Cart, or Buy Now.